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Julia Verdin at Palm Springs Int'l Film Festival -- P3 Update Magazine
Julia Verdin on panel at AFM -- P3 Update Magazine
Interview with Stander producer Julia Verdin -- Independent Locals, UK
Julia Verdin interview on Stander -- Sundance Channel
Picture: Producer Julia Verdin, Actor Dexter Fletcher, article on UK special VIP screening of Stander -- Independent Locals, UK
Picture: Producer Julia Verdin with star David Arquette at Riding the Bullet Premiere; Independent Locals, UK
Stander on set interview, Julia Verdin/Bronwen Hughes
Picture: Bronwen Hughes, Tom Jane, Julia Verdin -- Sunday Tribune
Interview of Julia Verdin/Bronwen Hughes re Stander -- Independent UK
Interview Julia Verdin/Bronwen Hughes re: making of Stander -- Screen International
Julia Verdin at Los Angeles premiere of Stander
Two Spotlights on Stander -- Daily Variety
Picture: Chris Rowland, Julia Verdin, Bronwen Hughes -- Beeld
Venice Holds Stander at Hollywood and Vine -- Venice Magazine
On set with the Stander gang
Julia Verdin to produce "Summerhill" -- Hollywood Reporter
Julia Verdin to co-executive produce Merchant of Venice -- Variety
Picture: Julia Verdin, Tony Hickox, article on Hollywood Brit pack -- Independent Locals, UK
Julia Verdin article on Sundance, photo with John McGinley -- Independent Locals, UK
Julia Verdin stylish at Sundance; Independent Locals
Sexual Healing; Hollywood Reporter